Oceanpreneur, Greenie, Mother & Wife….. Helping you make smarter choices for life….

Sustainability EntrepreneurI’m a scuba diver, ocean lover, and bit of a greenie, in a practical, makes sense kind of way. I’m an optimist, green sky thinker, with an ‘anything is possible’ approach to life. I’m a mother, wife and animal lover!

I believe that making smarter, more ethical choices is an opportunity for….

Better business | Happier lifestyles | Healthier places & oceans

That choosing smarter ways can make a positive difference to your lifestyle, business and the planet.

This Blog

This blog is a window into my own world where I offer inspiration for making Smarter Choices for Life.

Where I share my experience of working as a Sustainability Consultant; expertise from MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies; love of travel and diving; & desire to have a healthy and happy family.  All with the aim to inspire others who want to make Smarter Choices for Life.

You will commonly find me writing on environmental topics, ocean love, making green choices for my family, smarter travel and remote working. All this from a small tropical island in Indonesia.

For more information about me you can read the long version below. Otherwise you can keep up to date with my musings by following me on FB, INSTA or TW.

If you’re interested in making smarter choices in business take a look at Reallysavvy, my previous consultancy, or ClearOceans. Both sites have information about how I can help.

Thanks for reading, Sam

My Story

Born in the UK, I went on my first overseas trip at 3 years old and grew up surrounded by family and friends running their own businesses.

So it’s no surprise I have a natural entrepreneurial instinct and an ‘anything is possible’ approach to life.

Corporate Beginnings & Camp Life

My Professional and Life Experience is a broad and diverse journey….

  • I left home at 18 to live in a tent on a kids camp in Wales – it seemed a good idea at the time!
  • Spent many years working in the corporate world in Sales and Marketing at CocaCola, dotcoms and International Marketing
  • Expanded my experience into the public sector to include work with SME’s on business development and as a judge for the Sussex Business Awards
  • Escaped the British summers as often as possible, which included inter-railing and an year exploring the length and breadth of Asia

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before my entrepreneurial spirit took hold and I quit the corporate world and went solo.

Going Solo & Location Independent

With a drive to live by my passions and do something I felt made a difference, I changed path and….

  • Completed an MSc in Advanced Environment and Energy Studies at the Inspiring Centre for Alternative Technology.
  • Lived and worked in Beijing (China) learning mandarin, getting involved in all things eco, and set up a Sales Office for a Management Training Company
  • Qualified as a dive instructor – the sea is my home and inspiration
  • Became Location Independent living and working in Brighton (UK), China, Thailand and Indonesia

Eco Entrepreneur & Smarter Choices

The last 8 years have been a natural progression of my business, life and travel experience.

In life I’ve chosen Indonesia, with my partner Jose, 2 children and ginger dog Gringo. The heat and best diving in the world are irresistible!

Lucky for me this also services my travel bug due to it’s size and diversity, and central location in Asia.

In business, for 6 years I ran Reallysavvy, a consultancyfor entrepreneurial people and business owners who want to make smarter, more ethical choices. I worked with many inspiring people and organisations including Bam: Bamboo Clothing; Camco; Highbury College Sustainable Construction Dept; Xavier Font the ICRT’s responsible tourism marketing guru; Dive businesses in Thailand and Indonesia including Wicked Diving and Eco Divers, and Tripbod.

Here’s what Dave says at Bam: Bamboo Clothing….

“I first met Sam 4 years ago and loved her energy, passion and enthusiasm for a smarter way of doing business. She helped shape Bam in many ways, including integrating a responsible approach throughout our whole business beyond the clothing we produce. She brings an intelligent, insightful and creative approach that has brought dividends far in excess of her cost. She has been an invaluable voice for the development of Bam to where it is today, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

David Gordon, Bam: Bamboo Clothing, MD

What Now

Well in the next year there’s lots going on in life, travel and business, a little taster of which is….

In Life, being the best mama I can to our little girl and new born boy! Which includes seeking out greener, healthier and happier choices for their futures.

In Business, after many years as Sam from Reallysavvy I’ve taken a step aside and am focusing on Ocean Enterprise and helping other budding oceanpreneurs make positive choices. This January I launched ClearOceans to do this, you can find out more here.

In Travel, due to baby number 2 just arriving, this years travel is very much focused on not going far! Our travel will be mainly between our two homes. One on the slightly bigger island of Bali, the other on the very small island of Nusa Lembongan, just 30 minutes by boat from Bali.

If you’ve made it this far I’m impressed. You can follow my musings on smarter choices in life, travel and business on Twitter @samtyers Instagram @lifebysamtyers Facebook @samanthatyers