10 Reasons To Work On Your Startup In Bali

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Over the last few months adventurer Ben Keene and I launched Tribewanted Bali, an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to escape the winter, build their startup in Bali, and make an impact! During this time the one question I’ve been consistently asked is, what it’s like living and working in Bali? Can anyone do it? To which my answer is YES! There are plenty of reasons why you can join the growing number of remote workers here in Bali, you just need to make the choice and do it!

My Story

I came to Bali nearly 4 years ago now, and like many I came for 6 months and I’m still here. For me the lure was my love of the oceans and diving, coupled with potential opportunities to work on ethical projects. At that time coworking, the startup scene and innovation escapes didn’t really exist. For me it was simply a lifestyle choice which meant I could choose the heat, beach and ocean for breakfast!

Since I arrived so much has changed. Bali’s now moving away from an economy focused primarily on tourism and has diversified to attract increasing numbers of remote workers and budding startup entrepreneurs. So if you want to get some serious business building done and have a break from the humdrum of home, here is why you should come and do it in Bali.

10 Very Good Reasons To Work On Your Startup In Bali

1. Coworking Spaces


When I moved to Bali co-working spaces didn’t exist. Now they are sprouting up across the island, so you won’t be short of spaces to get plugged in and wifi’d up. Hubud in Ubud is the longest standing with a cool bamboo building, raw food café and buzzing scene. Sanur will also soon be joining the coworking scene with Dennis and Faye opening the doors of Kumpul.

2. Community

It still amazes me some of the inspiring and professional people and projects you can so easily connect with here in Bali. Marketeers, film makers, strategy specialists, tech buffs, bamboo experts, they are all here and can help you build and grow your business. Head along to PechaKucha in Ubud to find out about the latest goings on, or just simply ask. Bali is very open to sharing and caring, you’ll be surprised where it can take you.

3. Get Focused


Numerous gatherings run around the year to help business owners get focused on developing their ideas and business. From our very own Tribewanted StartUps Bali to Project Getaway. The Change School to Turnpoint. All you have to do is choose one that suits you.

4. Get Creative

Bali is a hotspot of creativity, both locally grown and internationally imported. There are many unique projects and business to visit and be inspired by. They include the Green School, Big Tree Farms Chocolate Factory, Deus Lifestyle brand, Bali Spirit Festival, the Green Village. The list goes on. It’s a place to be inspired and where your creativity is primed to thrive!

5. Plug in to the Asia Pacific

SecretWomens Business by Suki Zoe

Asia is growing fast and here you can be a part of the buzz and opportunity. The first Coworking Unconference was just run at Hubud, connecting all the exciting coworking spaces popping up in Asia. Definitely worth taking a look at. There are also networks such as Secret {W} Business that connect inspiring female entrepreneurs across the region.

6. Escape the City

Bali Eco Stay Views

There is no doubt that taking yourself out of your bubble (we all have one!), giving yourself space away from the city and the everyday distractions of home means you can enjoy the benefits of a different environment and perspective. Nature is the perfect antidote to city living, and Bali is bursting with it! Get yourself out into the greens, blues and yellows, they can free even the most stubborn of mind, body and souls.

7. Sunshine

Have you had enough of the eternal cold that is the European winter? Here it’s hot!!! If like me you don’t do cold Bali is the perfect place and certainly adds to my happiness factor. With the same average temperature all year round (25-28 degrees) it can rain a little November to April, but it still remains hot and steamy.

8. Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living here is generally lower than most big cities. Get a longer term lease on a property rather than stay in a hotel. Eat healthy and local, and enjoy delicious tropical fruit. Get on your bike, walk, or rent a moped. But don’t expect bargain basement, Bali is classier than that.

9. Work & Play

1 El Kabron Cliff Top Restaurant by Tripbod Sam

One of the best things about basing yourself in Bali is that it’s so easy to combine work & play. The biggest problem you have is choosing what to do with your play time! Surfing, diving, snorkelling, trekking, rice fields, temples, beach clubs, great restaurants and food. That’s without even mentioning idyllic tropical islands with turquoise waters in less than 2 hour boat ride away!

10. Mind, Body & Soul

7 The Power Of Now Oasis by Tripbod Sam

Whether it’s massage, meditation or yoga, healthy food, ocean views or rice fields, whatever it is that helps you relax and find that inner peace, tranquillity and freedom, it’s here in Bali. And all at the snip of the price of home.

Join Us

Feeling inspired? Well come and join the Bali tribe.

I’m off to have a quick swim and lunch on the beach while you think on it. Hope to see you here soon!


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