10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste & Support Healthier Oceans

Love the Oceans

Monday 8 June is World Oceans Day, a day to celebrate the beauty of the oceans and take action to protect them. As an Ocean Enterprise owner (think social enterprise for our marine friends!) and an inhabitant on a very small island, this is certainly a day to celebrate & make a positive difference.

The theme for 2015/2016 is Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet, a perfect fit with the mission of the ocean loving people & business owners at ClearOceans, to support healthier & happier oceans. With our first initiative to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles finding their way into the ocean this is a great opportunity to rally the troops and take positive action.

So, in the spirit of making positive choices & spreading the ocean love I ask you to join us and take action on Monday. To make one change and remove one piece of single use plastic from your life or business, and ultimately the oceans. All you need to do is follow our ClearOceans FB Page and post your action there.

To help you along the way, here are 10 Top Tips on how you can reduce the amount of plastic waste in your business or life.

10 Top Tips To Reduce Plastic Waste

Bye Bye Plastic

1. Say No To Straws – Do you really need a straw with your drink? Refuse straws in restaurants and cafes. Switch to bamboo, wooden or glass reusable straws.

2. Bye Bye Plastic Tasting Water – Going to the gym, for a walk in the countryside, or trekking up a mountain? Or even just going out! Don’t forget your refillable water bottle. Choose from stainless steel or glass for that clean and fresh water taste.

3. Guilt Free Coffee – Coffee addict? Take your own refillable cup for your brew. For sure your coffee will taste better, plus you can avoid that plastic lid waste. I like Keepcups.

4. Natural Body Products – Do your face & body products have microbeads in? This is plastic! Why not switch to a natural alternative. Healthier for your body and stops all those tiny plastic bits accumulating in the oceans and ending up in your sushi!

5. Plastic Bag Free Shopping – When shopping take your own reusable shopping bags and refuse the multiple plastic bags fresh produce get put in. Just ask the staff to put the price sticker on the produce.

6. Avoid Pre Packaged Products – Reduce packaging waste by choosing loose fresh foods that are not prepacked, frozen or processed. It’s healthier for you and the environment.

7. Go Reusable For Storage – Wash & reuse glass jars or plastic tubs from sauces, jams, yogurts and spices. They can be used for a whole myriad of things including dried fruit, rice, nuts, sauces, & left overs.

8. Power Packing – Avoid adding to plastic waste problems on holiday by only taking what is really essential, and bring any plastic back home to be recycled or reused. It also means the added benefit of lighter luggage!!

9. Make Happy Beaches – Live near a beach? Take a bag during your walk and pick up any plastic or waste that’s washed up or dumped. Dispose of it preferably in appropriate recycling bins, or if these aren’t available ask your hotel or guesthouse to dispose of it for you.

10. Plastic Free Parties – Having a bbq, picnic, or party? Choose wood or bamboo utensils over plastic; use reusable plates, bowls & glasses; ditch the plastic wrap & zip lock bags and store leftovers in reusable containers.

So there you have it, what one change can you make?

Don’t forget to join us at ClearOceans on Monday and make your one change count.

Happy World Oceans Day, Sam



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