5 Benefits Of Making Your World Smaller

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In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve recently moved to a small tropical island just off Bali. What’s surprised me about this move is that making my world smaller has actually provided an easier and more enjoyable world – yes really, I know I can’t believe I’m actually saying that! The point is you don’t need to move to a tropical island to feel the benefits of making your world smaller, here are 5 ways having a smaller world can be a smarter choice for life.

Get Into Nature

Lembongan Views

I look out of my window and I see palm trees and jungle (yes I can hear you cursing me from here!). I walk 10 paces and I see ocean. What I love about being on a small island is that wherever you are you are in nature, you see it and hear it everywhere. The point is we are innately connected to nature, and being surrounded by it is good for our body and mind. So why not spend more time in it? Walk in the local park, go rambling in woodlands. Go to the beach, the hills, find your own bit of green or blue.

Enjoy The Silence

Enjoy the SilenceI love that it’s quiet. Yes I know, it sounds like I am getting old doesn’t it! But really, finding a bit of silence in your day gives the body and mind space to relax, be inspired, and if you’re like me, get creative. We can all integrate this into our lives, even if it’s only for 15 minutes each day. Enjoy it while you’re in the shower or cooking dinner. Or when your little darling is sleeping, take 15 minutes for yourself. Have a large glass of wine, eat cake. Just sit back and enjoy that moment of silence.

Less Is More

On a small island there are less things to buy, less ‘things you feel like you should be doing’, and less distractions. In fact, less is actually more. By running around less I have more time to spend on the things I want and need to do. Buying less means we now actually use most of the ‘things’ we have. We have less waste and clutter, and more space and efficiency. What clutter can you cut out of your life? How can you give yourself more space and time?

Go Local

Go local

Living on a small island means everything is on our doorstep, it’s local central. This small world provides value in time and connections. Time, in that we don’t travel as far, we walk, cycle or jump on a motorbike. We don’t just swing by in a car. This all means we actually connect with our local world more. We buy more local, know shop owners, and have a chat while we buy our milk, or young coconut in my case. We support local business, take time to engage, and at least share a smile. Try it, it’s amazing how much time you can gain, and how one smile, or just a friendly hello can rocket your happiness factor for the day.

More Time For Things You Love

Me TimeNow I spend less time running around, to the supermarket, to a place for our daughter to play, to go and meet someone on the other side of Bali. By making my day to day world smaller I have more time to do the things for our family and for myself, super important when you’re a mum! I’ve been diving, done yoga, am cooking more, and plan to SUP. What about you? What time can you take for yourself each week?

What Choices Will You Make?

So, what about you? How can smarter choices benefit your life? Can you go to the park, up a mountain, visit a farm? Make a special effort to take at least one time a week to do something for you? Go to the gym, have a bath and close everyone out, get your hair done, do yoga? You don’t have to be on a tropical island to do any of this!

I’m now off to plan our trip to Europe for the beginning of next year. While I love my small world, the urge to jump on a plane into the big wide world and visit different shores will never stop!

See you next time, Sam

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