Bye Bye Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonderwoman, yes that was my own self imposed persona! As an independent, single young female entrepreneur, and then as a married, mother and dog owner. I mean really, any woman who can be a mother, wife, run a business, make cakes and walk the dog from time to time has to be Wonderwoman, right!?

The reality is that in aspiring to achieve this fictitious status I realised I was achieving quite the opposite of what I perceived her to be. I had less quality time for everything. For cake making and business building. For family and friends. I was seeing less of my husband and probably appearing frenetic at times to my daughter. I certainly wasn’t saving the world in sexy red knee high boots!

So this year I decided it was Wonderwoman no more! I removed my boots (far too hot in Bali for them anyway!), stopped trying to save the world and focused in on being Simple, Smart & Stylish – read Flip Flops.

So what does that really mean on a practical level?

Well, very simply it means making the best use of my time and energy by:

  • Keeping it SIMPLE, streamlining and only saying yes to projects that are part of my bigger plan
  • Being SMART, spending time on projects I enjoy most and make the most difference
  • Being STYLISH (in flipflops) on an even smaller island (more on that later!)

I kicked off this new Smarter Sam by making a tough decision, deciding to take a step aside from Reallysavvy as my main business. The travel required and style of work no longer fits with my lifestyle. It’s been a tough decision having been known as Reallysavvy Sam for the last 6-7 years, but now I’ve done it it feels so right!

What Now

Without a doubt, January has had me on my toes and seen me living all three of these. Here’s how…

Ocean Enterprise (read Social Enterprise for fish!)

ClearOceans, an international collective of business owners promoting & supporting clearer oceans, has officially launched this month. I’m really excited to create a buzz around positive ocean enterprise and help business owners make more ocean positive choices. Reallysavvy will continue in the background as the consultancy side to ClearOceans. Find out more about what we’re up to by Signing Up for our FREE Oceans eMag.

Also, on the cusp of live, I’m about to launch a bunch of cool ocean friendly products to reveal. Watch this space!

Entrepreneurs & Positive Change

Ben Keene and I launched the pilot of Tribewanted Startups Bali. Offering entrepreneurs the chance to escape the winter, work on their startups, make a positive impact, and all amongst the sun, sea and surf of Bali, why wouldn’t you join! We kicked off with a group of young energetic students from Havard who were on a working break to explore remote working, sustainable business and innovation in Bali. We’ve now had 30+ members from all walks of life join us. Why not come and join the fun…!

I’m continuing as Co-Organiser for Secret {W} Business Bali, part of an Asia Pacific community for female entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. We kicked off with an Intro to NLP at the super stylish Dusk Blue in Sanur.

If you’re thinking of Bali as a coworking, remote working location, then check out my post next week on 10 Very Good Reasons To Work On Your StartUp in Bali!

Remote Working & Being A Mama

In life there are big changes afoot!

I’m starting a new adventure in remote working with a move to an even smaller island, in my super stylish flip flops of course. It’s just 30mins by boat from Bali and I’m looking forward to embracing a slower pace and the creativity that can bring. I’ll be sharing my story here on the high and lows of running a startup from an even smaller tropical island!

To be the best mama I can to my daughter. This will involve lots of water time as we’ll now be on an ocean front location and have a pool, and more healthy home cooking!

And Finally

What about you? What perceived superpowers will you be ditching this year?

For those of you that enjoyed the read, I’ll now be sharing my musings on making smarter choices in business, travel & life here at  Some of the topics I’ll be blogging on are:

  • My experience remote working and running a startup from an even smaller tropical island
  • Advice, ideas and inspiration on smarter choices for business
  • Smarter lifestyle & travel choices
  • My musing on balancing business and motherhood

If this floats your boat, or your surfboard then join me here.

Otherwise, all that remains to be said is so long WonderWoman, it’s been fun knowing you,

Thanks for reading.




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