Happy Holidays & Top 5 Mince Pies

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So it’s nearly here! The end of 2015…. Whatever you’re up to, wherever you are, i wish you all a wonderful festive break & happy new year.

After our recent trip to Europe and my obvious love of Xmas food, I thought I’d round off this year with one for the Brits. After extensive research I bring you my Top 5 Mince Pie Experiences in 2015!

Top 5 Mince Pies 2015

5. Cafe Nero

This entrant may have made the list as it was the first pie I ate on arrival at Heathrow Airport! Either way, it tasted fabulous at 6am.

4. Tescos Finest

Another champion of the deep filled variety. Although pastry not quite up there with M&S.

3. Costa Coffee

With no pastry top it was really yummy to get a full on mincemeat tang.

2. Marks & Spencer

No surprise here. Deep filled and oozing spicy filling. This grand daddy of mince pies is difficult to beat.

And coming in at Number 1 is……

Stonehurst Farm Mince Pie

1. Stonehurst Farm

A surprise winner as these were a first for me. Love they are fresh and homemade with lard every day, really makes them that little bit special.

So there you have it, my mince pie round up of 2015. I’m off to eat a few more before Christmas!

See you on the other side,

Sam x

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