Remote Working Amongst Coconut Trees, Is It Really Possible?


So it’s really happened, we’ve done it, we’ve moved from one tropical island to an even smaller one! Yes, its the smaller of the two to the right of Bali. For the next year, or possibly two our family and lives will be based here on Lembongan Island while my husband builds a resort. A short 30 minute hop by boat from Bali it sounds idyllic, right?  But what does it really mean for our family, running a business and personally? Here I’ll be sharing our journey and experience in remote working!

We’re Here

Boat to Lembongan

So we made it, we’re here! First went our worldly goods shipped off via trucks, a bunch of porters, a fair few speedboats and a bunch of pickups. Then of course came us. Us being me, my husband, our one and half year old daughter, and our ginger wonder of a dog. I have to say I was thrilled to find that our very car sick dog has in fact got sea legs, thankfully no vomit to be seen!

Despite all this adventure and change – yes i rather like change – this move to an even smaller island has left me with a mix of feelings and emotions. Excitement and intrigue, apprehension and curiosity. What will more remoteness, this opportunity and experience bring for our family, me personally, and of course running business? Is the balance of a lifestyle choice and remote working really possible?

For Family

View to Bali from Lembongan

For our family for sure it is a wonderful opportunity for together time. The ocean, pool, nature, outdoor island living, what better place for a little person, and husband that loves to surf! As for our dog, if he could say thank you he would, he’s completely grinning from ear to ear at having the beach on his doorstep.

But what does it mean for Alba and meeting other little people. Beyond local kids, are there other expat kids on the island? Will she miss her little friends? Or will it mean regular trips back to Bali for playdates?

For Work

Lembonga Island

For work, this for sure is as an experiment in remote working. Is it really possible to build and run a business from a small tropical island in Indonesia? Will it bring more quiet, more creative space and freedom, more productive time with less running around. Will I miss the buzz, input of other entrepreneurial types, and coworking? How will the internet connection be? Will I be able to get online, find stable connections, or will frequent trips back to the mainland – read slightly bigger tropical island – be required?


Personally I want island life to get me back in the water. It’s been 2 years since i’ve dived and I’m itching to get back into my wetsuit. Yoga is also top of my list, as is more cooking time. I want to make the most of the delicious choice of fresh produce here.

To make all of this happen we need to find a part time helper on the island so we can free up a bit of me time. Our trustee helper of 3 years is back in Bali, she was tough to find. How are we going to find someone we can trust with our little love an even smaller island?

So there it is, life in paradise! Intrigued? Then follow my journey and experiences here where I’ll be revealing the reality of tropical island living and the realities of working amongst the coconut trees!


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